Dove Release for weddings, funerals and special occasions

Our doves are bred especially for their homing ability. They have official registered rings issued by the RPRA (Royal Pigeon Racing Assocation) and if lost they will be reported and returned to their owners (us). They also have an extra ring with our phone details on it.

Our doves are trained from a very young age and many hours are spent with them. They already have the built-in ability to find their way home but the training they receive makes them more confident and gives them less chance of losing their way.

They are reared and fed on the best corn, given vitamins and minerals each day and lots of baths (which they love). This keeps them happy, content and in top condition - as you can see.

As we stated in our release policy, our doves are not just tools of our trade; they are cared for and their health and safety is our main concern.

You will not be disappointed with our doves. They are ready and waiting to make your celebration that little bit more special.

White wedding doves Dove being released White wedding doves